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Auto Insurance

For Auto Insurance, The Ephraim Group Has You Covered!

Do You Have The Auto Insurance Coverage You Need?

In the state of Georgia, all drivers have to carry at minimum liability coverage in case they are at fault in an accident. This coverage is to pay for any injuries to the other motorists and property damage involved in the accident. But, is the bare minimum enough?

Although this is the bare minimum required to legally drive in Georgia, it is highly recommended that drivers carry a plan that’s protects themselves as well as the other parties involved in an accident. Remember that even though you have a high coverage limit, this does not exempt you from being sued for damages. At The Ephraim Group, we can custom tailor an insurance policy that’s best suits your personal and family needs. Let us help you close your liability gaps.

Why Choose The Ephraim Group?

Here at The Ephraim Group, we specialize in creating the most appropriate, and affordable auto insurance policy tailored to your specific needs. We work with many of the leading insurance companies allowing us to offer you a very large variety of options and services allowing you to get the most value out of your hard-earned money.

As time goes on, the things we need insurance for changes. That’s why you need an insurance agency that can help your policies evolve. Our agents are trained to be able to assist you with any changes or additions to your current policy.

It is very important to us that you receive the absolute best in customer service, affordable pricing, and a vast array of products allowing you to always be taken care of no matter your needs.

Some of the reasons our customers love us include:

  • Our independence- as an independent insurance agency, we’re not tied down to a specific set of insurance policies from one company. Our agents can shop around and look for the right coverage at an affordable price for all your needs.
  • Local insurance agency with a big reach- we’re located in Lawrenceville right on Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road which means we’re local, but we have the ability to write insurance policies all over Georgia.
  • Over the top customer service- not all insurance companies are the same. We go out of our way to treat you like a real person rather than a number. That’s why we try to never put someone on hold and respond promptly to every need.

Understanding Your Auto Insurance

Far too often, when we ask potential customers what they know about their insurance coverage, we get blank stares. A lot of people just don’t understand what kind of coverage they have or what their insurance coverage actually means. That’s why we’ve taken the time to write some things that we hope will be helpful. Understanding your coverage can help you better manage your insurance coverage gaps or your liabilities.

Main Components of an Auto Insurance Policy

  1. Collision coverage:   If you happen to get into an accident with another driver, or hit an object such as a street light, collision coverage could help you repair or replace your car up to its current cash value minus your deductible. While this type of coverage is usually optional sometimes it may be required by the leaseholder or lender.
  2. Liability coverage: While mandatory in most states, drivers are required by law to purchase the minimum amount of liability coverage set by your state’s laws at the very minimum. Within liability coverage there are two components. *Bodily Injury Liability: this may assist you to pay for any costs related to another person’s injuries should you cause an accident. *Property Damage Liability: this may help you to pay for any damage you caused to another person’s property while driving.
  3. Personal Injury Protection: Personal injury protection, commonly referred to as Pip, is only available in some states. Like medical payment coverage, personal injury protection could help you pay for your medical expenses after an accident. Additionally, PIP could assist you in covering other expenses acquired because of your injuries. While personal injury is required in some states it is optional in other states where it’s available.
  4. Medical Payments Coverage: In the instance that you, your family members or passengers are injured in an accident while driving the insured vehicle, medical payments coverage may help pay for any costs acquired with the injuries. The covered costs could include surgery, hospital visits, X-rays and much more associated with injuries. Medical payments coverage is optional in some states and required in others.
  5. Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage: If you happen to be hit by a driver who doesn’t have any auto insurance, uninsured motorist coverage could help you to pay for any medical bills, and in some states will even pay to repair your vehicle. IF you happen to be hit by an underinsured driver which means they are paying for auto insurance, but their liability limits aren’t enough to cover any resulting medical bills you might have. This is where having underinsured motorist coverage may be able to help you. As with some of the other forms of auto insurance coverage, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage is optional in some states and required in others.
  6. Comprehensive coverage: Comprehensive coverage could assist you in covering any damage to your car from incidents like theft, fire, hail, or even vandalism. Should your car happen to be damaged by a covered incident, your comprehensive coverage may assist you financially with repairing or replacing your vehicle up to a maximum of the vehicles current cash value. This form of coverage however has a deductible, which is the amount you’ll have to pay yourself before your insurance company reimburses you for the covered claim. While typically an option form of auto insurance coverage, your lease holder or lender could require it for the duration you are still paying off your vehicle.

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