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When It Comes To Auto Insurance, The Ephraim Group Has You Covered

Affordable Commercial Auto Insurance For Georgia Businesses

If you have a business that involves a vehicle of any kind, having commercial auto insurance is a must. The Ephraim Group is your trusted resource for all your business insurance needs. Call us and let’s make sure your business has the right coverage at the most affordable rate.

Everyone knows that commercial automotive insurance covers cars, trucks and other vehicles owned and operated by your business. If your vehicle is insured and is involved in a collision, this policy can pay for the other party’s bodily injuries and physical property damage.

This coverage can also pay for repairs of your vehicle when it’s damaged by theft, harsh weather, and vandalism.

We Are Experienced

Since 2003, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses every year with their commercial auto insurance needs around Gwinnett County and the rest of Atlanta. Today’s business owners realize how important vehicle insurance is when it comes to the protection of their drivers and other assets. It’s just an essential way of protecting your company.

When shopping for commercial auto insurance policies, there are a variety of types that may be important to what you do. Here are the options to consider:

Liability Coverage– provides coverage for your vehicles for others when the accident is the fault of your driver.

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage – This covers medical expenses for the injuries incurred by the drivers and passengers of other vehicles; no matter if it is one or more. We advise our clients to consider paying for higher coverage limits, as it will allow our company to settle out of court more often.

Property Damages Liability Coverage – This covers any property damage expenses incurred by the other driver(s); whether it’s a house, fence, mailbox, tree, and of course, a vehicle.

Types Of Auto Coverage We Provide:

The following is a list of commercial auto insurance coverage that The Ephraim Group provides:

Collision – Thus, covering damages to your car from collisions with moving or stationary objects. Under these circumstances, a deductible will apply. Keep in mind, the lower your deductible amount, the higher your premium payment tends to be and vice versa.

Comprehensive – This is coverage for your car due to losses such as theft, fire, storm damage, vandalism, glass breakage and collision with animals under some policies. If something happens, your deductible applies. Again, typically, the higher your deductible, the lower your premiums.

Emergency Roadside Assistance – This optional coverage pays for towing charges of up to a certain amount per incident. It also includes labor and service charges such as changing a flat tire, jumping your battery, repairing a fan belt, and so on. Call us and let’s discuss how this aspect of your insurance policy can actually save you money.

Medical Payments – This component of your insurance policy covers injuries to your passengers whether the accident was deemed at fault or not. Preset amounts for each item are covered. This includes ambulance rides, emergency room costs, and follow-up visits to the treating physician. Although this coverage is not required, The Ephraim Group highly recommends it.

Radius Rating – Most insurers rates will vary based on the extent of the radius that a commercial vehicle travel. For instance, you can be insured for up to 50 miles, 50 to 100 miles, 100 to 150 miles, 150 to 300 miles, and so on.

Rental Car Coverage – Insurer will pay a preset dollar amount towards rental car expenses in the event that you are not able to drive your vehicle.

Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury – This element of insurance covers your passengers’ medical expenses, for their injuries, when the other driver is deemed at fault. However, it typically applies when the other driver is insufficiently insured or uninsured and it includes hit and run situations. Most companies require a deductible.

Uninsured Motorist Property Damage – This covers the damage to your vehicle when the accident is the other driver’s fault, and is uninsured. As with UMBI above, most companies require a deductible.

Discounts On Your Commercial Auto Insurance

Because we are an independent insurance agency, there are situations when we are able to get you discounts on your auto insurance. Some examples include:

Contractor’s Discount – Some insurance companies provide discounts for smaller contractor vehicles.

Fleet Discounts – Many insurance companies today offer fleet discounts to cover multiple commercial vehicles, and so do we.

Group Discount – Again, like most other commercial auto insurance companies in we are often able to obtain discounts to members of eligible groups and professional trade organizations

Multi-Vehicle Discount – This covers multiple vehicles on a single policy. Some insurance companies will allow you to insure your personal vehicle on a commercial policy; so that they get the discount.

Factors To Consider With Commercial Auto Insurance

Owning a company is risky business. Every company vehicle can potentially put the business owner at risk of a lawsuit if it is involved in an accident and its operator is deemed at fault. There are a few important elements that should be considered whenever you are shopping for a commercial auto insurance policy. These include choosing between business or personal auto insurance, the classification of the vehicle, and liability limits.

Remember, every vehicle that is registered under the business, or is used in the daily operations of that business, must be insured with a commercial auto policy. No matter what type of business you own and operate, it is imperative that you have your vehicles insured properly, with the right type of insurance. For more information regarding the different commercial auto policies we offer, contact The Ephraim Group today.

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